Powertube Silver

This original Swiss medical product is already used long-term by numerous doctors, dentists and therapists. They confirm effective results in pain therapy. The Powertube Silver is a registered and certified Tens Therapy Device. €1798

Powertube Gold

The Powertube supports the Self-Healing Process. Through tuned frequencies, the milieu in the body can be changed and the molecules harmonized. Viruses, parasites, bacteria lose their breeding ground. Great Wellbeing Results! €2198


regain your life energy

You Deserve Extraordinary Results

The Powertube is a powerful Self-Help Tens High-Frequency Device. It is proven to eliminate the root causes of mental, emotional and physical stress that can lead to health challenges. We love to offer you simple but powerful methods that have an impact on your overall state of wellbeing. Boost Your Immune system for great results!


Stress Relief

Stress is the Root for all Illness and Unease.

The device is a groundbreaking development that opened up new avenues in TENS technology 17 years ago. The Swiss inventor and graduate electrical engineer Martin Frischknecht has achieved outstanding therapeutic success with his technology.

POWERTUBE ! The Solution For Great Health And Wellbeing

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