The Powertube - hated by Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites

Indigenous Tribes Are Weaving Perfect Healthy Cell Structures

Travelling a lot in central, South and North america I discovered how many tribes and peoples of different ethnics weave patterns of perfect healthy cells and of harmonious energy flows in their fabrics. They also copy the star patterns, the star paths and many details from the waters of the oceans, mainly the Pacific. 

This innate wisdom is shared from generation to generation by the weaving, the symbols and signs they use and the songs they sing. In our times much has be forgotten as the youth got more interested in ipad´s, smartphones, TV´s and computers. Much from the ancient knowledge and wisdom about health and wellbeing, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual is lost or pushed into the background. 

When we have a look at the cell structures that are not harmonic, the look like this drawing below. Molecules are Spaces are created by this unharmonic state and these spaces leave room for all kind of pathogens. 

The pathogene information can penetrate as these Molcules are irregularly arranged. This is a weakened tissue.

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The Powertubes Gold or Silver, high frequency Tens Devices work on the tissue structure. The frequencies of the devices, they set the tissue in vibration. this process results in a homogenization of the molecular cell structures.


A healthy tissue and organs are promoted by a harmonious way of life. A healthy diet is important, sufficient intake of spring water, a positive way of thinking, naturopathic treatments, physical exercise, balanced professional activity, etc. This way of life also naturally brings harmony to the whole organism, including the tissues. This natural unity corresponds to an intact immune system, in which there is a geometric order and unity.


The molecules are harmoniously arranged as an invincible front. The lines of force are aligned in parallel and add up in contrast to a non-unified diseased front, where the lines of force of the immune system compensate each other by the geometric disorder, i.e. they cancel and weaken each other. In harmonious, ideal conditions, infections are difficult to occur. Exceptions can exist when pathogens are energetically so strong and outnumbered that the tissue becomes disordered and allows infection.


Powertube frequencies set the tissue into vibration. Compare it with a serving board on which you put sand. The sand is irregularly distributed. The board is vibrated by shaking and will spread evenly over the surface. The same happens with the treated tissue! All structures of the organism arrange themselves evenly according to the originally healthy condition and leave no more space for infections! Pathogens are ” expelled ” from the tissue, from the nerve level and from the DNA, since these find geometrically no more place.


In the past, it was thought that the pathogens were killed, but this is not so. By the arrangement of the molecules into ordered structures the actual, therapeutic effect is obtained! From the geometrically exact arrangement it can be seen that there are no gaps here and thus no foreign information finds place. If a tissue is inflamed, this geometrical order gets mixed up. The equilateral triangles shift and rotate in all possible directions, which inevitably requires increased volume. This often becomes visible in the form of swelling of the tissue.

Foreign molecules from toxins, viruses, bacteria and parasites can now enter the spaces that have become free. This leads to infection, which requires additional – then ever increasing space between the already irregularly arranged molecules. Our immune system is often unable to restore order. The Powertube technique causes the necessary oscillations, so that the tissue structure can arrange itself again and offers no more place to foreign bodies. As a result, a decrease in swelling is observed within hours, because the gaps between the molecules close again and the tissue therefore has geometrically less space. Energy flows freely again and there is no pain or blockage.


The healing process is underway.


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The Powertube - hated by Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites

#powertube #powertube gold #frequency #connecting-frequencies #health #wellbeing #indigenous #tribes #fabracs #weaving

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